FOLLOW THE LINE STUDIOS presents the art film 211220 directed by FTLS founder Caroline Viitanen. Made in collaboration with director of photography Nicol Dippenaar, AFRICA IS NOW Magazine, fashion director Chrisna de Bruyn, Motif Studios animation & compositing, Refinery color grading, fashion designer Viviers, musician Yoav, editor Ethan Storm, sound designer David Houston, make-up artist Alice Coloriti, hair artist Richard Wilkinson, Mutual Heights building and 20 Model Management and My Friend Ned.

In this sci-fi interpretation of the year of 2020, director Caroline Viitanen explores the parallels between the year’s astrological events, the concept of rebirth and how the pandemic may have activated a mass-awakening, propelling us into the next 2000 years of “being in the light”.

A quantum leap into this new age of Synarchies, the age of higher states of consciousness, of freedom and collaboration – The Age of Aquarius.